WPyCX - a Python 3 port of the PyCX project

WPyCX 0.31 rev. 2 (PyCX 0.31 Python 3 port, now compatible with Anaconda Python 3.5) Released!

Current Version: WPyCX-0.31_rev2.zip (posted on 3/26/2016) available at SourceForge

What are the the differences between PyCX 0.31 and WPyCX 0.31?
* WPyCX 0.31 is a Python 3 dialect port of PyCX 0.31 (currently Python 3.5)
developed by Przemyslaw Szufel & Bogumil Kaminski at Warsaw School of Economics.
* The code contains an extension module for simulation experiments (for information see the experiments folder).
For more details, read the "README.txt" (can be found in WPyCX-0.31_rev2.zip) at SourceForge)

Codes are tested with Anaconda Python 3.5.


What You Should Do

1. Install Python 3.5, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib and NetworkX.

2. Download a WPyCX sample code from here.

3. Run it.

4. Read it.

5. Change it as you like.


PyCX Copyright 2011-2016 by Hiroki Sayama (sayama@binghamton.edu)

WPyCX - PyCX Python 3 port - Copyright 2013-2016 by Przemyslaw Szufel and Bogumil Kaminski {pszufe,bkamins}@sgh.waw.pl

WPyCX is distributed under the FreeBSD license (see LICENSE.txt in the WPyCX-0.31_rev2.zip file).